Social Responsibility


North American Palladium is committed to achieving operational excellence in all aspects of its business in a socially responsible way.

Environmental Stewardship

We recognize that environmental management and the protection of the environment are among the highest corporate priorities at all stages of our operations. Through the vigorous monitoring and sampling that ensure our environmental compliance, to the formal environmental management systems in place, we always strive to minimize our environmental impact.

Health & Safety

We are committed to ensuring a safe working environment for all of our employees. Key features ensuring safety in our workplace include the internal responsibility system, our dedicated team of managers and supervisors who make safety an integral part of each workday, our Joint Health and Safety Committee which focuses on identifying safety concerns and making improvements, crew safety meetings held to address worker concerns and communicate safe work issues, risk assessments, procedures that are developed and communicated for activities that may have related hazards, a fully-trained Mine Rescue team that is available to respond to any emergency situation, use of the Common Core modular training systems, and alliances with groups such as FM Global and the Electrical Safety Authority.


We are responsible to the communities in which we operate in, and committed to our role as a responsible corporate citizen. In keeping with this philosophy, North American Palladium always strives to be a good neighbour and employer, to create economic prosperity for its stakeholders, and whenever possible, we give preference to local and regional suppliers when purchasing goods and services. North American Palladium has partnered with a number of First Nations and Aboriginal Groups, all of whom claim the mine site and surrounding lands as traditional lands, and consider such relationships as key to the mines future success.

Ethical & Responsible Business Conduct

North American Palladium always strives to maintain high standards of integrity and accountability in conducting business. We have adopted a Code of Conduct that is applicable to all directors, officers, employees and contractors. As part of our commitment to ethical and responsible business conduct, we are also committed to maintaining accountability for our accounting, internal controls and auditing processes. It is also our policy to ensure compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements relating to our business.


North American Palladium strives at all times to provide goods and services in a way that respects the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities. We are committed to ensuring that persons with disabilities receive accessible goods and services of the same quality that others receive and the organization is fully compliant with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act in Ontario. Click here to access our Accessible Service Provision Policy.

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