We recognize that people are crucial to strong corporate performance, As we transition our business, we recognize that ability to execute our business strategy is highly dependant on employing the people and motivating them to reach their full potential.

The success of our Company is fueled by our entrepreneurial culture, where every employee has the opportunity to make a difference in our operation.

Employee contribution and entrepreneurship is encouraged and individuals are respected for their ideas, and granted accountability for their work.

Our scale of operations and team-oriented culture offers individuals the chance to bring ideas into action - the ideas and skills of each individual make tangible contributions to company accomplishments. Having a “say” in the decision-making process is one of the many benefits of working for a growing and entrepreneurial company.

We offer competitive compensation, hands-on training opportunities and a first-rate working environment.


Our people power NAP

The face of NAP is found in the people we are proud to call team members. They drive us farther, and dig us deeper. They power the new North American Palladium.

With management and our union working collaboratively, we are taking the company to new levels based on a shared commitment to safety, innovation and efficiency.

We attract team members with more than just the skills needed for the job.

They have passion. They seek opportunities for advancement. And they are accountable for their actions – contributing to a company that values feedback and entrepreneurship.

We offer competitive compensation, hands-on training opportunities and a first-rate working environment.

But it goes deeper than that. We respect one another, giving everyone a "say" in what they do.

We collaborate to succeed.


Everyone at North American Palladium owns safety.

We put the onus on individual awareness and action, within a company dedicated to identifying and mitigating as much risk as is possible within our operations.

We look after ourselves, and each other. If someone feels unsafe in their job for some reason, they stop and we fix it.

The safety imperative is imbedded in our Internal Responsibility System. Managers, Supervisors and our Joint Health and Safety Committee lead our onsite risk management actions, with everyone responsible for ensuring a safe workplace.

At NAP, safety always comes first. Zero harm is our mandate.