At Impala Canada, the health and safety of our workforce, our families and the communities we share is our number one priority. Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted each and every one of us at our Lac des Iles Mine, creating personal, community and workplace challenges.

Stronger together, our team perseveres during this time with patience, strength and fortitude.  We have made a number of significant changes to the way we live and work at LDI and we have implemented pandemic protocols to further protect our team members, families, and communities.

All protocols are outlined in our COVID-19 Pandemic Protocols and Guidebook and in our COVID-19 Protocol Awareness Video Series


All team members travelling to and from LDI, are required to:

  • Follow Transportation Canada Guidelines
  • Maintain physical distancing, wherever and whenever possible
  • Wear face masks when travelling with two or more people in any form of transportation
  • Refrain from visiting local communities during commute
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We symptom-screen all team members at four distinct points:

  • Before travelling to LDI
  • Before entering LDI
  • As part of the daily Five-Point Safety Check
  • Before departing LDI

Temperatures are checked upon site entry and exit. Select individuals who interact with multiple crews have their temperatures checked daily. Those who are not cleared at any of these checkpoints will be denied entry or required to self-isolate.

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  • All LDI team members are strongly encouraged to participate in our voluntary COVID-19 Testing Program.
  • Testing allows us to frequently and proactively screen for presence of the virus and act as an additional measure to prevent spread and outbreaks of COVID-19 at camp.
  • Anyone who receives a positive screen test result is required to isolate off-site immediately. A PCR test is conducted for diagnosis by the Thunder Bay District Health Unit and the appropriate actions are taken according to the diagnosis.
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  • Masks are a critical layer of protection at LDI.
  • Every individual is required to wear, and is provided with, a disposable, tight-fitting medical grade mask at all times wherever and whenever physical distancing is difficult, including when outside.
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  • To make physical distancing as easy as possible, barriers and indicators of separation have been implemented throughout site.
  • Shifts have been staggered to ensure fewer people in transport vehicles, crew line-ups and while travelling in the underground cage.
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  • Handwashing stations have been placed at key entry points to enable frequent handwashing and protocols are in place to support proper hygiene.
  • Commercial-grade Air Purifiers have been installed in high activity areas. Each purifier uses both a HEPA filter and UV light to eliminate dust particles, germs and contaminants.
  • On-site fogging machines are used to conduct regular, deep disinfection, of common areas.
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Team members who develop any symptom associated with COVID-19, or who are notified of close contact with a COVID-19-positive person, are instructed to immediately self-isolate and contact the LDI Health Centre.After being medically assessed and tested for COVID-19 in coordination with TBDHU, team members are safety removed from site to self-isolate.

Individuals in close contact with a COVID-19-positive person must remain off-site in isolation for 14 days.

Positive Test Protocol

In the event someone who was at LDI tests positive for COVID-19, they cannot report back to work until their case status is resolved. Individuals are considered resolved after 14 days have passed after the initial onset of symptoms, with no lingering symptoms.

The individual’s room is sealed upon their departure for deep cleaning. Close contact tracing commences immediately, and individuals identified are tested, safely transported off site and required to self-isolate.

Negative Test Protocol

Individuals who are symptomatic but test negative for COVID-19, and had no known exposure to a COVID-19-positive person, are allowed to report back to work when they have been symptom-free for at least 48 hours.

Outbreak Protocol

In the event multiple individuals test positive for COVID-19, we will enact the Impala Canada Outbreak Response Plan to care for affected individuals and limit further spread of the virus. The plan reflects key learnings from the April 2020 outbreak and is reviewed frequently and updated where necessary.

The status of LDI operations may be altered to facilitate contact tracing and virus containment efforts. At all times, we will closely collaborate with public health authorities and frequently communicate with all stakeholders.  

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We understand that because of specific reasons related to COVID-19, some people will be unable to report to work.These individuals will be provided unpaid, job-protected leave and they will continue to receive health and medical insurance coverage. Individuals eligible for unpaid, job-protected leave are entitled to apply for the COVID-19 benefits provided by the Government of Canada.

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